In these trying times, we must keep a minimum 6-feet from each other. However, you don't trust that all will abide to these rules, so you enforce social distancing with your trusty 6-foot pole. You can't tell who is infected and who is not, but you aren't going to take any chances...

This game was made for the Team Kentucky Jam with the theme 'Social Distancing'. 

The in-browser game is free to play, but the player does not render as it is too complex for this medium. The downloadable versions are (mostly) bug-free.


- Use cursor (recommended) to rotate player (or A,D / LEFT,RIGHT to rotate counter-clockwise,clockwise) 

- Poke (jab your pole forward) with LMB / F

- Swipe (swing your pole in direction you are moving) with RMB / LEFT ALT

- Cough (knockback all within radius) with MMB / SPACE


Game made by Michael Probst.

Music 'Sounds For The Supermarket 1 (1975) Grocery Store Music' by TheAutisticManiac

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